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Diversity in Digital Mentoring Programme

Supporting the growth of diverse talent across the industry

Applications for 2021 open until 5pm on Thursday 10th December.


The Diversity in Digital Mentoring Programme was launched by LiveWire Sport in late 2019 to support the growth of diverse talent from under-represented groups across the industry. 

The free-to-enter programme will run for its second year throughout 2021, opening its doors to a new cohort of potential industry shapers.

Applications are now CLOSED. We will now be in touch with everyone who applied, before revealing the full group in early 2021.

What to expect from the 2021 programme?

The success of the 2020 Diversity in Digital Mentoring Programme has led to the programme running for its second year. The programme continues to address the desperate need for diverse representation in the digital sport industry and has re-opened its doors to find a new group of mentees who will help reshape the future of the sports industry.

The programme will provide individuals with a passion for digital content and sport the opportunities and resources to develop their own skills in the sport industry. It will include the following features:

- A year-round LiveWire Sport mentor

- Skills training from industry specialists

- Opportunities to listen to industry speakers

- Access to events with other industry professionals

- A supportive network of other like-minded peers

- On-site days with selected LiveWire Sport clients (subject to covid-19 restrictions)


Applications for 2021 are open to individuals who have faced challenges in their career development or progression, either visible and invisible. This could be for any number of reasons, be it age, beliefs, sexuality, race, disability, gender, all the way through to people facing financial, geographical, health, family or lifestyle challenges.

The programme will once again be largely remote-based and is designed to be supportive but unintrusive, so participants can continue to work during the programme. 

Pranav Soneji, Director & Co-Founder at LiveWire Sport, answers some FAQ's here. Alternatively, you can contact the team with any other questions at mentoring@livewiresport.com.

LISTEN - The Diversity Question on the Unofficial Partner Podcast

- Applicants must be legally permitted to work in the UK
- Applicants must be a resident of the UK
- Applicants must be over 18 (there is no maximum age limit)
- Successful applicants must be available to travel within the UK on occasion during 2021 (subject to covid-19 restrictions)
- Applications are welcomed from anyone who meets the criteria set out above
- There is no entry fee necessary to enter this programme
- Only one entry will be accepted per person
- The decision of the Selection Committee is final
- Applicants will be informed if they have been selected or not no later than 22nd January 2021. 

Although all applications will be considered on their individual merits, in order to promote diversity and to increase the participation of those who are currently under-represented in the sport industry, use may be made of the positive action provisions in the Equality Act 2010 when deciding between two equally qualified and talented applicants.

LISTEN - The New Normal

Application Tips

- Have a think about your entries and take your time. Feel free to draft them in advance, the word limits are tight, so use your words carefully! 
- The Programme is designed to support people that may not otherwise get the opportunity. So make sure you tell us if that's the case! (your entry will be confidential and limited only to the selection committee)
- We understand you might not have all the answers yet, but make sure you get across in your entry what it is you want to achieve right now and how the programme could help you do that
- Group development is just as important as individual development, so think about how you would benefit from the rest of the cohort, as well as individual mentoring and training

What happened in 2020?

In 2020, we provided 12 mentees with a year-round LiveWire Sport mentor individually selected based on each mentee’s skillset and aspirations, to provide suitable support and advice. In addition, the small group benefited from regular training sessions and heard from guest speakers from a variety of areas within the industry to aid a wider understanding of career development and opportunities. 

Due to covid-19, the programme pivoted from venue-based, client learning days to a distanced-based learning programme, with regular weekly calls and bespoke training sessions.

Guests included the likes of Ebony Rainford-Brent, Cricket World Cup Winner & Director of Surrey Women's Cricket; Andy Stevenson, Series Producer, Paralympics at Whisper; Karthik Ramulu, Head of Sponsorship, DHL; Manish Bhasin, Presenter; and Radha Balani, Director of Design & Facilitation at thinkBeyond. 

The cohort have also had access to bespoke training sessions from the likes of Milly Lawrence, Pitch Consultant and David Thomas, Trainer & Consultant. 

Meet the 2020 Cohort here

In July 2020, the cohort were given their first RFP to respond to for a hypothetical new tournament, with two groups required to work together to create an in-depth proposal before a live pitch as a team to a board of experts comprising of Alexandra Willis, Head of Communications, Content & Digital, AELTC; Amar Singh, Head of Content & Strategy, Football, Budweiser Brewing Group; Ed Langford, Digital Communications Manager, British Olympic Association; Radha Balani, Director of Design & Facilitation, thinkBeyond; and Dan Smith, Co-Founder, Summus Sports Group. 

The live pitches were delivered in August, with two 'agencies' created - 20Gen and Unscripted Capture - presenting approaches for a hypothetical seven-a-side football competition.  

For further information, or to find out more, please contact mentoring@livewiresport.com